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Office Fruit Basket 10 Person -  Office fruit baskets - Get Fresh & Fruity

Office Fruit Basket 10 Person


Class 1 Produce from More Than One Country

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Please note For a short period of time the contents of Box''s & Baskets are changing daily due to shortages in the wholesale supply chain. If you need specific contents please add these individually rather than a mixed box or basket Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience 

Office Fruit Basket 10 Person at Get Fresh & Fruity Alton

Class 1 Produce from More Than One Country

Get Fresh & Fruity Shop Local

      Office fruit baskets from Your Local Greengrocer

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      Office Fruit Basket 10 Person at Get Fresh & Fruity

      We Are Your Local Independent, Retail & Wholesale, Fruit and Vegetable Supplier with Free Local Deliver Try Us Today!

      Shop Local at Get Fresh & Fruity Alton

      your Office Fruit Basket 10 Person Online. We source daily for taste, quality and freshness. Click & Collect our fruit baskets direct to your door.

      All Covered By Our 100% No Quibble Guarantee

      Quality, Service and For You!!

      "Many companies are now realising the importance of providing fruit to their employees. It is great to see the initiatives taken by many organisations, that show they care for teams"

      Contents 35 pieces (Recommended twice a week)

        • 10x Bananas
        • 5 x Green Apples
        • 5 x Red Apples
        • 5 x Pears
        • 10x Satsumas

      How to Order

      STEP 1. Select number of baskets per delivery.

      STEP 2. Check your Delivery Post code for availability

      STEP 3. Select your delivery start date

      STEP 4. Select your delivery frequency (details below)

      STEP 5. Checkout your order

      Order frequency

        • For Mon delivery select "every 7 days"
        • For Mon & Wed delivery select "every 3 days"
        • For Mon, Wed & Fri delivery select "every 2 days"

      Office Fruit Basket

        • If you would like us to setup your order for you, Call 01420 768184 or email us here
        • Let us know what you would like and we will do all the rest and call you back to confirm it!

      "With fresh fruit in the office being one of the most popular benefits with staff and with lower costs for the business, compared to other benefit options, its a great choice"


      Do you charge for the baskets?

        • Basket are returnable or charged at £7.85 each if not returned

      Do you substitute fruit?

        • We replace any fruit that is not with a suitable alternative

      How can I order from you?

        • You can simply add to cart now and select your required order frequency
        • Or Contact us on 01420 768184 and we will sort it all out for you!

      Do you Deliver to my Area?

        • Please check your post code at the top of this page or on in shopping cart.

      Is your fruit local?

        • We source local fruits whenever possible

      Do you guarantee the quality of your fruit?

        • Yes 100%, no quibble guaranteed happy!

      Will the fruit be difficult to eat in my office?

        • No, nothing to messy to handle

      Do I have to have a weekly delivery?

        • No but it works a lot better to have it delivered fresh each week

      Is there a contract or can I change my order?

        • No contract and Yes you can change your anytime online

      Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

        • Our delivery routes are planned carefully, to cut down on food miles. By delivering to homes & businesses in geographic areas at the same time, we cut down on the number of miles your order travels.

      Our Best Value & Service

        • When you order via regular subscription, you get money off every order!
        • All orders are covered by our 100% no quibble guarantee.
        • You can select the delivery date that suits you

      Product shortages

      Shortage of stockIf we are unable to source Office Fruit Basket 10 Person, we will substitute an appropriate product.
      • If we are unable to find a substitute, a refund will be sent to your account.
      • If you don't want substitute products, please put "no substitution" in the message box, on the cart page.
      * Please note packaging varies. Paper carriers, cardboard boxes, wooden crates and recycled bags are all used. Wicker baskets or crates may be different subject to availability.

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