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Red Chillies Class 1 Produce From Netherlands Fresh Herbs & Ingredients 2019 No Plastic Packaging

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Guaranteed Fresh 100% Saving Our Environment Plastic Free Delivery Area Local People & How Your Money Subscribers Save 10%

Allergen Information


Whilst every care is taken in preparing & handling your order, we sell the following produce which could represent a potential risk to persons with severe responses to allergies of the following:

      • Nut, Celery And Celeriac Products

Red Chillies

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Class 1 Produce from Netherlands

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Red Chillies, Class 1 Produce from Netherlands, sourced daily for taste, quality and freshness. We deliver all our Fresh Herbs & Ingredients, free direct to your doorstep every day.

All orders are covered by our 100% no quibble guarantee, please tell us within 24 hours of receiving your delivery.

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