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Juicing Box Spin me

Get Fresh & Fruity - Class 1 Produce from Various countries

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Juicing Box Spin me at Get Fresh & Fruity Alton

Class 1 Produce from Various countries

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      Fresh Juicing Box Spin Me at Get Fresh & Fruity

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      Juicing Box Spin Me, sourced daily for taste, quality and freshness. Click & Collect our Veg Boxes Order today!

      This Product is classified as Class 1 Produce from Various countries

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      Quality, Service and For You!

      Recyclable packaging | Get Fresh & Fruity

      Recyclable Packs, helping reduce landfill, as you shop!

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      No worries 100% No Quibble Guarantee on this product

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      Juicing Box - Spin Me Right Round

      If you prefer to choose your content, simply add the contents you require to a basket and make the order recurring until you want to change your box.

      What's in the Veg box? Celery (2 head) Cucumber ( 3 each) Parsley (40g) Ginger (70g) Pak Choi (1 head) Apples (800g) Lemon (3 each) Mint (40g) Spinach (300g)

      We are always happy to hear from you if you would like something special included!

      • Please note this list should be considered as a guide. Whilst we do everything possible supply these items, on occasions, we will have to substitute produce to ensure that only best quality products are delivered.
      • In general, all products will be supplied free plastic packaging, with the exception of Strawberries, blueberries and bagged salad etc which come ready packed in a recyclable packaging.
      • If you want absolutely no plastic we are happy to do this please tell us in the comments box at the checkout.

      You can tell us about any likes or dislikes you have in the comments box, at the checkout part of placing an order.

      When will it be delivered?
      Choose your delivery day at the checkout, If you would like us to leave it in a certain location, you can tell us in the comments box.
      We will confirm your order and when it has been dispatched to you.

      Additional Information,

      Please note that from time-to-time we will need to substitute items
      Size: for couples or a smaller family, 100% Quality & Value is Guaranteed

      If you have a friend that would like this Veg box, please let them know. It's a big help for us!

      Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

      • We Assemble Your Order In Recyclable Cardboard Boxes Or Crates And We Are Happy To Collect & Recycle All Delivery Boxes, The Next Time You Order.
      • We Do Our Very Best, To Source Produce That Has No Plastic aging Or Uses Recyclable aging When That Can't Be Avoided.
      • Our Delivery Routes Are Planned Carefully, To cut Down On Food Miles. By Delivering To Homes & Businesses In Geographic Areas At The Same Time, We cut Down On The Number Of Miles Your Order Travels.

        Our Best Value & Service

        • Our Minimum Delivery Value Is Only £15
        • When You Order Via Regular Subscription, You Get Money Off Every Order!
        • All Orders Are Covered By Our 100% No Quibble Guarantee.
        • You Can Select The Delivery Date That Suits You And You Don't Have To Be In When We Deliver Your Order.

        Product shortages

        Shortage of stockIf we are unable to source Juicing Box Spin Me, we will substitute an appropriate product.
        • If we are unable to find a substitute, a refund will be sent to your account.
        • If you don't want substitute products, please put "no substitution" in the message box, on the cart page.
        * Please note packaging varies. Paper carriers, cardboard boxes, wooden crates and recycled bags are all used. Wicker baskets or crates may be different subject to availability.

        Please note For a short period of time the contents of Box''s & Baskets are changing daily due to shortages in the wholesale supply chain. If you need specific contents please add these individually rather than a mixed box or basket Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience


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