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Subscription Questions

Subscribe & Save FAQ

Your questions and answers about Subscribe & Save  

Q. What is it?

A. It's an online order schedule that customers use to buy their regular weekly shopping

Q. Why do you want us to do this?

A. For retailers and in our case it provides us with more stability when buying fresh perishable goods A. We have found it reduces our food waste

Q. What do I get for doing this?

A. You get a 10% discount ongoing for ordering this way A. Feedback from customers is they throw away less food from the fridge saving money and reducing food waste.

Q. Are there any obligations?

A. You are able to skip an order, add or remove products and amend quantities. Also you can change your up and coming order dates, including pausing and canceling at any time.

Q. Is it easy to use?

A. Yes all order's are accessible to you in your personal order page. We always recommend a simple weekly order until you are familiar with the system.

Q. Can I try it out?

A. Yes to order using the Subscribe & Save button register free and log in to our website and add to your cart in the normal way.

Q. Can I Cancel it?

If you decide that you no longer want to continue, you can simply cancel it.

Q.Are there any new subscriptions deals?

we are planning more offers and will include deals where possible, that you request.

Examples below

"5-a-Day-school-packs" for when the kids go back and also a Sunday roast subscription.

Q. How do I receive your link to manage orders?

A. You will receive a link to the order management page when you place your first order.

Q. How can I remember orders?

A. You get a reminder email to check your order days before its due

Q. Can I change Click & Collect dates?

A. When you create a new order you choose a new day time and booked it straight into Click & Collect, all done.


Think of subscription as you regular ongoing shopping list

  • It's not just an average saving of £156 pa or more on price!
  • Customers also report a potentially bigger saving, coming from planning there purchases and cutting down on their food waste.
  • You can fine tune and change to suit yourself

click and collect

Regular weekly collection

  • We will automatically get your order ready for the same day and same time each week.
  • You can choose day and time at the start, then it's got your name on it as long want.
  • If you want to change days, you can do this online.

Getting started

  • Your first subscription order is created by selecting your goods and the quantities you need and adding them to your cart using the "Subscribe & Save" button.

Big tip *

  • Try to keep it to simple weekly order when you start.
  • Subscription customers can edit and amend orders online from your personal "order manager"
  • This is created for you, when you place your first order.

Subscribe & Save - Regular weekly delivery's


We are pleased to be started deliveries to the following areas and we will publish the new delivery areas, as soon they become available.

  • Basingstoke - Order Monday for Wednesday delivery
  • Alton - Order Tuesday for Thursday delivery
  • Farnham - Order Sunday for Tuesday delivery
  • Aldershot - Order Sunday for Tues delivery

Subscribe & Save - Benefits

  • It save you risking a trips to the shops, avoiding the covid-19 virus, with no contact delivery or collection.
  • No trying to find a parking space, paying, packing, lifting or carrying to your car.
  • You can place your order online, whilst having a nice coffee.
  • It's flexible and you can start, stop and swap products.
  • You can try it without any obligation
  • No contracts

It helps us Save as well

  • It helps us plan our orders and buying which cuts our waste by about 5% so we take that off your bill, as a thank you

How do I set up a regular order?

To use our subscription service you will need register for a free account.

  • Please login to place orders
  • Select the "Subscribe & Save" option NOT the "one off purchase" option to your cart.
  • Choose the frequency of your order.
  • Then go to the cart page and enter your postcode and choose the next delivery or collection date for your order 
  • Enter any special information into the box provided.
  • Confirm your order and complete the payment section.
  • You will receive a confirmation email of your order
  • Entering your details is only required the first time

That's it, well done and enjoy! 

Thank you for supporting a local business and the people it employs

Mark and All the team at Get Fresh & Fruity