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"How to take the stress out of shopping and save money


subscribe and save
  • Benefits - Its delivered directly to your doorstep, free of charge, saving you a few trips to the shops, trying to find a parking space (paying) packing, lifting, carrying unloading
  • Benefits - You can place your order online, from your phone, whilst having a nice coffee
  • Benefits - It's completely flexible, you can start it, stop it, swap products, miss a week, whatever you like!
  • Benefits - It helps us plan our orders and buying, cutting our waste by about 5-10% so we take that off your bill, as a thank you!   
  • Orders can be adjusted up to 2 days before it's due.
  • You can Set it and forget it or change it!
  • Pause or cancel anytime.
  • Even miss a week if your on away!
  • Login to manage orders online

Try it out now, without any obligation!

  • No Contracts

How do I set up a regular order?

  • To use our subscription service you will need register for a free account.
  • Then login and this activates an extra add to cart button
  • Add the products you want on your regular order to the cart. Choose the frequency of your order. 
  • Then go to the cart page and enter your post code and choose your delivery day & date of your first delivery.  
  • NB This will be your regular delivery day ongoing, until you choose to change it.
  • Enter any special delivery information into the box provided. 
  • Confirm your order and complete the payment section.
  • You  will receive a confirmation email of your order 
  • Entering your personal details is only required the first time you order