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Local People & Money

When you spend your money with us, it helps to make things happen. Your money stays local about 2-3 times longer, than it would if you spent it with a supermarket chain.
Local money
We are able to buy more products from local growers & farmers and we can employ and pay more local people, also who spend money in the local community.


    More Detailed Reasons to Shop Local

    • Small businesses create jobs. Many of the ‘new’ jobs that we are told have been created in the UK in recent years have been created by people who have taken the leap of faith to go self-employed, or start their own business and grow it so that they can employ others. At the start of 2016 there were a record 5.5 million private sector businesses and when figures are announced for this year it is expected to be even higher. Small businesses make up 99.3 per cent of this total. Many people locally will find jobs in the future with small businesses that have grown thanks to support from their local community. If 50 per cent of the small businesses trading today were able to take on ONE more person in the next 12 months we’d be looking at more than two million new jobs. Imagine that!


        • Spending money with a small business keeps more money in your local economy. Research by local authorities in the UK has shown that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, 63p stays in the local economy. This compares to 40p in every £1 spent with larger businesses. Small businesses will spend more of the money they earn locally, buying products and services from other small businesses, going out to eat and buying tickets for local sports events, the local cinema and local theatre shows. It’s a real win-win situation for our local businesses and communities, helping other businesses to thrive and safeguarding local jobs.


        • Small independents add colour and variety to our towns and villages. It would be a boring shopping experience if every street had ONLY the same national chain stores. But it’s also great when you find a one-off businesses, founded and run by people with a passion for what they do.


        • Small business owners are at the forefront of innovation. Owners of independent businesses have the freedom, agility and flexibility to run things their way. They don’t have to go through long-winded processes to get approval for new ideas and they can respond quickly to what their customers want. They know that by building up loyal, regular customers who shout about their business to others, their business will grow. They will listen to your feedback and ideas and that means you can have a bit of influence over what they sell. The entrepreneurial mindset means small business owners have a passion for what they do, so they always want to improve and innovate – meaning customers benefit.


        • Small businesses care about their reputation. We are lucky to have a lot of long-established small businesses Businesses only enjoy longevity by delivering great customer service, quality products and services and value that keeps their customers coming back – and continually attracts new customers too. Like many owners of small businesses, Shopping local is about the guarantees you have because you know the business owner and their standing in the local community.


        • Small food businesses are often more environmentally friendly. When you shop at a local bakers, butchers, market or farm shop, it is likely that a high percentage of what’s on sale has had a relatively short journey from where it was first produced. It’s not likely to have flown half way round the world. It is likely to be fresher and will not have lost nutrients from being stored. Locally bought food often has less plastic packaging, which well-traveled, imported food usually needs to protect and preserve it.