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Office Fruit Baskets No6 | Get Fresh & Fruity

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Allergen Information


Whilst every care is taken in preparing & handling your order, we sell the following produce which could represent a potential risk to persons with severe responses to allergies of the following:

      • Nut, Celery And Celeriac Products

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Office Fruit Baskets No6

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Class 1 Produce from More than One Country

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Office Fruit Baskets No6, sourced daily for taste, quality and freshness. We deliver all our Office fruit baskets direct to your door.

Good Quality, Good Service and It's Good For You! All Covered By Our 100% No Quibble Guarantee

" Fresh Fruit & Vegetables and Healthy Natural Foods, Delivered Direct To You By Your Local Greengrocers! "

Office Fruit Baskets No6

Many companies are now realising the importance of providing fruit to their employees. It is great to see the initiatives taken by many organisations, that show they care for teams.

With fresh fruit in the office being one of the most popular benefits with staff and with lower costs for the business, compared to other benefit options, its a great choice.

Fruit is light, fresh and packed with energy that make it an ideal for work.


1kg Bananas, 1kg Pears, 1kg Plums, 1.5kg Satsumas, 1kg Grapes

*Baskets are returnable or charged at £7.85 each.

Fruit is amazingly full of all kinds of nutrients that are great for health. The wonderful thing about fruit is that not only is it good for health but it tastes great too. Fruit is a convenient health food that can be enjoyed anywhere anytime.

How can I order from you?

You can simply add to cart now and select your required order frequency

(Or Contact us on 01420 768184 and we will sort it all out for you!

Delivery Area?

FAQ Is your fruit local?

We source local fruits and vegetables for our fresh food deliverys whenever we can ie, they are in season, available and good quality.

Do you guarantee the quality of your fruit?

Yes 100%, no quibble guaranteed happy!

Will the fruit be difficult to eat in my office?

No, nothing to messy to handle (unless you ask us for something and then we are happy to do that)

Do I have to have a weekly delivery?

No but it works a lot better to have it delivered fresh each week

Am I locked into a contract, or can I change my order?

No contract Yes you can change your anytime, just give us a couple of days notice to get it sorted for you.

Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

  • We Assemble Your Order In Recyclable Cardboard Boxes Or Crates And We Are Happy To Collect & Recycle All Delivery Boxes, The Next Time You Order.
  • We Do Our Very Best, To Source Produce That Has No Plastic Packaging Or Uses Recyclable Packaging When That Can't Be Avoided.
  • Our Delivery Routes Are Planned Carefully, To Cut Down On Food Miles. By Delivering To Homes & Businesses In Geographic Areas At The Same Time, We Cut Down On The Number Of Miles Your Order Travels.

    Our Best Value & Service

    • Our Minimum Delivery Value Is Only £15
    • When You Order Via Regular Subscription, You Get Money Off Every Order!
    • All Orders Are Covered By Our 100% No Quibble Guarantee.
    • You Can Select The Delivery Date That Suits You And You Don't Have To Be In When We Deliver Your Order.