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Welcome to Get Fresh & Fruity. Try our juiciest fruits and the freshest vegetables, all from your local independent family greengrocer.

"We have changed from being mainly a wholesaler to trade and catering businesses to serving local family's, new friends and acquaintance with fruit and veggies! The Corana virus has changed a lot things but we will try not to let it turn our world upside down. It's been a big challege and we certainly haven't got everything right, but we are able to provide a good service locally and keep our team in work. So we hope you will like what we do and the team!" Kind Regards Mark & Miranda
Shop local at Get Fresh & Fruity

We take pride in our produce and its all 100% guaranteed fresh. Our friendly, fast friendly click & collect service is free and available now. We supply a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, fruit & Veg boxes and fruit baskets.

We want you to be Happy! So for peace of mind all our orders are covered by our No Quibble, 100% Quality & Freshness Guarantee.

Thank you for supporting a local business and the people it employs - All the team at Get Fresh & Fruity

Click & Collect Service

Important Information - Social Distancing Rules in Place

When you arrive to collect your order You will see a large sign asking you to drive to about 100 yards further to the end of the lane, where you can do a "U" turn and return to the pick up point.

Please wait in your car and member of staff wearing gloves and a mask will be the other side of the tables, please let the member of staff know your name.

They will bring your order out to the table for you to pick it up or they will put it in the boot of your car.


"We know that this is a difficult time for people and we hope that you will enjoy getting out in the countryside for a short while to pick up your veggies"

Information about wholesales fruit & veg pricing

Updated 31/03/2020 3.00am Prices spiked upwards, broccoli up 110% cost increase and cauliflower back to record highs.


A quick overview on prices at the end of last week and at start of this week, we saw wholesale prices increase between 30% and 150% on some products.

For example cauliflowers at a cost £2.50 each to buy trade and iceberg lettuce reached £1.80 each. My Personal favourite was ginger moving from an average of £12 a case to £55.

Good news is that, although still high, there are signs of a small lowering of costs. We didn't chase the prices up, taking about half the cost ourselves and we are reducing or prices as soon as possible, when they go down.

The world famous Tunworth  Cheese made by Stacey Hedges & Charlotte Spruce at the Hampshire Cheese Co. | Dairy & Eggs Catering | Get Fresh & Fruity click & collect

The world famous Tunworth From the Hampshire Cheese Co.

Normal Price £8.95 - Support Your Amazing Local Producers

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